Security Overview

EcoVoIP recognizes that security and a reliable phone service is critical to business operations. As a cloud hosted service provider.

EcoVoIP and our partners offer robust multi-tenant cloud communications service with several layers of security built in.

Our aim is to limit all online security and set alerts In place for fraud.



The security of EcoVoIP cloud services encompasses multiple layers and many components, from policies and methodologies to service architecture.

Each Service product will have different levels between partners.

To detect potential toll fraud and service abuse, and user controlled service administration.

Security capabilities and settings reside in the application and infrastructure layers, within the service delivery and operations processes, and the company’s security policies and governance practices.

Customer’s own network services must have a layer, SSL on our web applications or firewall’s active on site.

In addition, EcoVoIP and partners have a full-time security and fraud-prevention department with a security program that is based on industry best practices; our security program also includes communications fraud monitoring where we monitor customers’ service for anomalous calling that may be toll fraud.


User Service Administration

All cloud services include front-end settings that customers control to manage their PBX policies and their users.

These settings include: Adding/removing extensions, setting user permission levels, managing extension PINs, enabling international calling, allowing specific international call destinations, and blocking inbound caller IDs. In addition, customer admins and individual users can review call history and upload and delete messages.


Disaster Recovery

Eco VoIP’s Partner service is architected to support failover conditions in case of emergency.

Our service is built with geographically distributed redundancy.

Primary and backup locations remain online simultaneously, with a primary pod in active mode, and the secondary pod in standby mode.

Database replication between locations is in real time, with failover being built into the service. If a primary location is unavailable, the backup location will continue service.

In addition to infrastructure and application redundancy, we also have geographically distributed operations such that service operations can also continue if one location is not available.

Customer whom operate their own Broadband networks must have fail over Broadband connection on your business site.

ASDL / FTCC/ Lease line or 4G LTE Wi-Fi.

Mobile application can be used on Wi-Fi as a back up if the core mobile network fails or is not present.


Checklist for Protecting Your EcoVoIP Service

  • Strong PIN Enabled on each phone and mobile application
  • Disable international calling features
  • If you use international calling, restrict call destinations to those needed for your company business.
  • Restrict call forward — don’t allow call forwarding to international or long-distance numbers.
  • Restrict admin-level permissions. Limit the users to whom you give this level of permission.
  • Block any numbers that you do not want to receive calls from.
  • Only use email message forwarding for non-sensitive messages.
  • Retrieve sensitive messages via an encrypted web session.
  • Securely dispose of any physical copies of your call records and invoices.


Use static IP locks and also change user passwords every 6months.