SMS Text-Back SIMs for Taxi OperatorsWhat is taxi text back?

How Text Back works….

When a taxi job is booked and dispatched the Dispatch software system will create a command to send an on-site SMS via :

  • Mobile Phone with an SMS App operating with a Network Sim card package
  • SMS Gateway
  • When a customer has booked via their mobile phone:

    • SMS Message informing customer’s the taxi is dispatched
    • SMS informing the customer the driver is on the route with a tracking Link Driver arrives at the pick-up address
    • SMS informing the customer the driver is outside the driver will activate text to the customers mobile a message to alert you of your vehicle’s arrival. In London TFL also requires driver details to be included in this SMS Message.

Key Benefits and Service Level to Customers

  • Improved customer experience through visibility and transparency
  • Automation of process connecting customers with drivers
  • Allow real-time GPS tracking of all cars for you and your customers – all the key features of an app on a mobile web page. Improved customer experience through visibility and transparency
  • Improved safety – rest assured it’s a licensed Taxi/Private Hire
  • Advance notice of car approaching
  • No complaints of drivers tooting their horns
  • No more standing out in the cold or peering out the window

Best Suppliers

EcoVoIP provides text-back SIMs on a managed and non-managed basis and we are happy to explain the difference between the two systems. Here are the main points

Non - Managed

EcoVoIP offers Taxi operators a network supplied sim from O2 /EE/ Vodafone

The mobile networks have business tariffs based on Minutes /Data /SMS. Mobile Networks do have what is called ‘’FUP’’ Terms and within these guided terms will state about fair use even under Business agreed contracts. The fair use is also 1 guide point as the terms can also state Automated SMS and also the amount of actual level Mobile mobiles numbers SMS are being sent to.

Our team will go through your best options and also costs.

Sims can be supplied from £11.50pm – £19.50pm

Mobile terms apply / terms& conditions with a credit check*


EcoVoIP offers Taxi operators a fully managed service and the benefits :

Best for Larger fleets which require Enterprise level management on SMS service.

No Expensive gateways to purchase as EcoVoIP will fully manage the API integration to your system and also ensure all SMS are operating 100%

  • £14.99 a month per sim for 5,000 texts
  • Min of 5 text back sims for this service (25,000)
  • 3-month rolling contract
  • No credit checks
  • No sim swap outs required
  • We manage the entire text back service off-site
  • No devices required in your office to run this service3-month rolling contract
  • We can up your texts, so you never run out (extra SMS are added if required)
  • No text back service going down
  • Promote your app (add an extra SMS)
  • If you go over 5,000 we can add an additional sim, so you don’t get cut off and only charge you for the extra sim
  • We can send a monthly summary of usage
  • Sims service can be operating within 1 business day
  • 3 Month rolling agreement required and API excess

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